MAKITA SHOOTING – Angela Marzullo

du 24.10 au 09.11.13
une exposition de ANGELA MARZULLO


Live performance 20?

Video installation
Video camera go pro, Paintball tpn

Espace Labo, Geneva 2013

Blown them away, pooh! pooh! pooh!
flowering pink and flaming orange,
hello kitty! good-bye barbie! and heaps of whores on the floor. But between the time they took a shot of paint-ball
bullet on their tender plastic skin and the moment their virtual lungs expended a last breath, they danced. Not smooth and silky, like ballerinas, not stark and sultry like flamenco dancers, not
salacious and sexy like teen-porn-
singers, but danced like bodies
dying in slow motion, the gunner
thinking “dance, dance, dancing queen” but saying nothing. And then when enough dancing was done, they lay where they fell. In heaps. I could have cried.


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