Owlet vision in blinding time – Part 1 – 14 09 23 — 30 10 23

Owlet vision in a blinding time
(14 09 23 – 30 10 23)

The garden in the exhibition Owlet vision in a blinding time occupies
two spatial categories: the physical space inhabited by the garden in the
courtyard, as well as the representational space shown in the artworks,
where the garden is often a motif for cultural pursuits that are not directly
or literally connected to gardening or garden-making.

Since the garden dawns and dies with every season, halfway between the
eternal and the immediate, Karen and I thought it’d be stimulating to
design the exhibition in stages, according to the seasons. In fall, the gardener
plants the bulbs that will bloom in spring. In our autumnal garden, among
the tulips, irises, daffodils, and bluebells, we are also sowing concepts, ideas,
intuitions, and desires, whose blossom will undeniably bear the promise
of fruits in spring.

The first part of the exhibition (14 09 23 – 30 10 23) brings together works
by Sarah Burger, Anne-Charlotte Finel, Vianney Fivel, Andreas Hochuli, Alec
Mateo, Lou Masduraud, Alexandra Martens Serrano and Arnaud Sancosme.
Concurrently, a video program will be screened at the Centre d’Art
Contemporain, Cinéma Dynamo (17 10 23 – 29 10 23) with films by Mali
Arun, Becket MWN & Alison Yip, Rosalind Nashashibi, Marco Niemeijer, Ben
Rivers, Erika Roux, Margaret Tait, Mukerrem Tuncay and
Matthew C. Wilson.

The second part of the exhibition will open on the first day of spring 2024
(21 03 24 – 21 04 24) and will rally the works of Azadbek Bekchanov, Yann
Stéphane Biscaut, Sarah Burger, Céline Burnand, Adrien Chevalley, Akiyoshi
Dechenaux, Victor Delétraz, Basile Dinbergs, Vianney Fivel, Hunter Longe,
Natasja Mabesoone, Alexandra Martens Serrano, Lou Masduraud, Becket
MWN, Claire Van Lubeek, Arnaud Sancosme, Nolwenn Vuillier, Matthew C.
Wilson, Alison Yip and Dan Zhu.

Ceel Mogami de Haas

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