OVV temporary studio

OVV (Order of Visionary Ventriloquists) is the current LapTopRadio group doing research on and around the disembodied voice and ventriloquism. Members: Ashley Cook, Emile Dumas, Jonathan Frigeri, Isabel Guerrero, Pablo Hurtado, Camille Lacroix, Victor Le, Sarah L’Hérault, Audrey Julien, Natacha de Oliveira, Arttu Palmio, Laurence Rasti, Nathalie Rebholz, Laurent Schmid, Sara Silva Santos, Eva Zornio   Le … Continuer la lecture de « OVV temporary studio »

Fly radio

le 28.02.14FIRST STREAMING – *** Radio Show from a crevice !!! ***1ère emission RADIO web au Labo en collaboration avec Jonathan Frigeri. The Labo Shop is a new shop for alternative and independent editions.From music label to book editorIn order to celebrate the opening of the shop, Dj sdf77 and Johnny Haway organised a radio … Continuer la lecture de « Fly radio »